After being away from the competing world for about 8 years, I recently claimed my long and overdue victory, at the Miami Nationals on the 18th of November 2017. Winning my IFBB PRO Card in the Figure Division in just under 9 weeks.

In the past, during my early years, I suffered from being overweight growing up. I did what most did, read articles, joined a gym, and tried all different kinds of methods to transform my body.

I attended the gym every day at 5 am, and every evening at 6 pm. However, although I had reached the ideal weight, I still wanted to gain size. I wanted to have a more athletic tone yet keep my feminine attributes. It wasn’t until I met Yosiah Isarel that my life changed. He offered me a deal of a lifetime. He saw my efforts and said I had real potential, but my form was all off. He was willing to help free of charge as long as I was present each morning at 5 am. And so, I was, he invited me to my first bodybuilding show and I was hooked!

From that moment on my journey through the fitness world began. I decided to get certified as a personal trainer, and study nutrition in college. I graduated with an ASSOCIATES IN DIETETIC NUTRITION AND CERTIFIED NUTRITIONIST.

While in school I competed and place 2 nd at my first NPC show. I grew so fond of nutrition and exercise and had stunned the world with my transformation, I took a personal training job at Equinox for two years. I later Taught boot camp and opened my first in-water cycling class in Miami.

However, a year later due to lack of inventory for my bikes, I decided to go back into personal training, and took a whopping 7 years off of competing and doing quite well with training others, I was approached by a well-renowned coach and bodybuilder to get back on stage, At the time I was working in Italy and well out of the shape I was used to. I had 6 weeks to prepare. The show was the New York Grand Prix, I not only won I also took overall and was immediately asked to compete for my pro card at the Miami Nationals.

To my surprise, I did it! I became officially the first person to get her pro card in such a short period of time.

Now as a pro I would be competing with the pros and for money! Who doesn’t want that? I sure did. Unfortunately after the first pro show and placing 15 th , due to some minor outfit technicalities, I suffered depression not because I had not won, because during these months of glory, I was in a very abusive and manipulative relationship. This issue bought me back to my overweight days, and I took a hard fall, I lost the drive,, motivation, inspiration, and ambition to do anything besides, see my psychiatrist beinge eat and drink.

I left my beach front apartment in Miami Beach and moved to New York to my family’s place that was pretty much vacant. I must say it was very hard to regain myself, but I did. I cried most days, stayed home, I even went basically bald, after experiencing a bad product I put in my hair that caused it all to fall out. I then go my ears pierced with 7 piercings, colored my new hair, and wallowed more in sorrow, drinking not eating and feeling sorry for myself.

How did I get back into it? After some deep meditation, and reading, I woke up one day and decided if I was going to start over Id have to change my number and rid my life of the negative people and energy some .. most of them had. I began slowly building a home gym and working on myself again.

I worked up the nerve to join a gym about a month and a half later and gave myself a series of goals.

First, I decided to cut all bad habits I had one was drinking, second smoking, and last start detoxing. Second, I picked a show to keep myself disciplined and focused through the upcoming year, If I was going to change I had to lead by example. Lastly, I decided to change my website, so I could help others through my own trials and tribulations.

So this is what this site is designed for, to help people of all levels of fitness, whether you’re a competitor, looking to compete for the first time, or simply looking to transform your body and your life. Let be your right hand and your go to girl for your fitness needs and desires. I will show you that your body is like having an unlimited amount of wealth. If I told you each time you went to the gym there would be A MILLION DOLLARS waiting for you in the locker, would you find the time to get there?

For me, my body was the million dollar ticket to health, wealth, love, and happiness. The best drug to opening your mind to a world of unforeseen pleasures.

Race = Haitian/Spaniard 
Height = 5'1 Feet 
Weight = 145
Birth Place = Miami Beach Florida 
Occupation = FItness Consultant & Bodybuilding Coach / IFBB PRO Competitor Figure Division / Model Of Fitness / Wrestler / Writer